Egg Candy

Custom Egg Candy

  • 1.45€ each unit

An unforgettable note for parties, weddings or christenings. A caring gift that we all enjoy, just as perfect for the end of a meal as a dessert or with a coffee.

Egg candy is an egg and sugar-based specialty born in the Convents of the Portalegre region, 300 years ago. Today, Fábrica do Rebuçado® egg candies delight in their careful preparation and presentation and delight in the top quality ingredients with which they are made.

Offer a gift that tells a story!

Ingredients: Pasteurized egg yolk, sugar, water, glucose, sweetener (isomalt), stabilizer (gum arabic).

Nutritional value per unit (18g):

Energy value: 72.15 kcal / 304.9 kj | Lipids, 1,7g, of which saturated, 0,69g | Carbohydrates, 12,8g of which sugars, 6,5g | Protein, 1.36g | Salt, 0.01 g.

Expiration Date:: 30 days after date of production


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