In 2003, Daniel Roldão, the promoter of this project, was considering the installation of a biological laying hen farm and, when elaborating the business plan, he realized that 30% of the production would be lost due to the small size of the eggs at the beginning of the laying of the eggs. Then came the idea of giving them another use!


  1. The egg or the chicken!

    Sabores Santa Clara was founded in 2005 and the inaugural product was Portalegre's Egg Candy. Inspired by the history of the convents of the city of Portalegre, the first cans of Portalegre egg candies from Fábrica do Rebuçado® appeared on December 9, 2005 in the nowadays extinct Mercearia da Atalaia in Bairro Alto. Soon the unmistakable cans with the colors of the city of Portalegre became a market reference.

  2. May the squirrels not know about this!

    Douro Valley almonds and halved walnuts, high quality nuts with numerous health benefits that SSC wanted to explore. The result is, definetly, "brilliant"!


    In 2009, Catarina Portas and João Regal, joined for the opening of three Refreshment Kiosks in Lisbon.

    The project's philosophy demanded respect for old recipes, the taste of natural ingredients and the expertise of production adapted to today's world. That was the challenge they posed to Daniel Roldão.

    At SSC recipes and methods of preparation were tried, ingredients were found that had been erased by time, reformulations were made, techniques were refined, and after long months of work in April 2009, the first syrups of Red Currant and Capilé were served at the inauguration of these charming Lisbon city structures and have since become the favorite refreshments of many Lisboners and tourists.

  4. Simply Cookies® .... beyond good!

    SSC takes on a new passion: The search for rare ingredients and raw materials with no obvious application is the inspiration for new product development. New products, exclusive and with added value.

    Thus arise Simply Cookies, the first of several products in a concept of circular economy. From a raw material without a guaranteed future but an unprecedented singularity, the port wine must, a natural sediment that accumulates over several decades in the port wine casks, was born the finest Port wine cookies, one of Sabores Santa Clara's biggest hits, to which joined other references such as beer, tea, spices and ginger cookies.

  5. Launching

    Presentation of Tangerine, Gorreana Green Tea and Lemongrass syrups, by Quiosque de Refresco. 

  6. They say whoever drinks this sourcherry liqueur lives, at least, for 100 years!

    Inspired by Botica's box, a wooden box that contained medicinal remedies and which, during colonization, was a mandatory presence on vessels crossing the Atlantic, SSC developed a range of liqueurs called Botica Original Liqueur. Starting from the flavors and histories of our culture, new formulas were explored that allowed us to reach liqueurs full of body and liveliness, much less sugary than the more traditional liqueurs and to which a distinct wine brandy was associated.

    Discover, among the 10 flavors, your favorite!

  7. Launching

    Presentation of lemon and lemon-thyme syrups. 

  8. Time Out Market Lisbon

    In November 2014 SSC ventures to open a store in Lisbon, at Mercado da Ribeira. Despite the high expectation and total dedication, this project would prove to be unfeasible due to the very high operating costs.

  9. "The Garden of Earthly Delights"

    SSC is challenged by TakeMuseum, a partner company, to develop a product for the commemorative exhibition of the centenary of the death of painter Hieronymus Bosch at the Prado Museum in Madrid. Inspired by his painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights", an assortment of cookies was created that would later be marketed in the Museum.

  10. Great Taste, 2017

    Ginginha de Marvão is honored with the three stars award from the Great Taste international contest which means it was one of 165 products to reach the highest and most desired rating. The 3-star label that defines the product as “Extraordinary! Wow! Compulsory proof! ” is so special that it is awarded to less than 3% of participating products.

    Product analysis, based on criteria such as ingredient quality, appearance and texture, is carried out through blind testing, bringing together over 500 specialists including chefs, writers and food critics, catering professionals and food traders.

    According to one of the review panels, Ginginha de Marvão is “a thick, very pleasant liqueur, full of character, very well rounded taste and a nice finish. The jury was very impressed!”.

  11. Launching

    Presentation of Chocolate cookies and Lemon cookies.

  12. Launching

    Presentation of the Elderflower syrup, by Quiosque de Refresco. 

  13. Great Taste, 2018

    Tangerine Syrup by Quiosque de Refresco Awarded 1 Star in the "Great Taste" Contest.

    "It's truly delicious! It's definitely tangerine. We really liked the taste: the acidity is very pleasant."

    "A great touch of tangerine with a long clean finish. A delicious syrup, very well done!"


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