Sabores Santa Clara has available a range of products, prices and formats designed for professional use:

Egg candy, with the possibility of customization several suggestions for use;

"Tailor-made" cookies, according to customer's indication. They are sold by weight and we also have customizable packaging;

Syrups to prepare soft drinks, with suggestions for use and a menu to take to the table. Prepared by glass or jar, with plain or sprinkled water, they are very attractive for quality, space reduction and packaging costs;

Original liqueurs to serve by the glass or to enrich the minibar. They are distinguished for being made from a wine brandy rich in higher alcohols and having low sugar content. Available in "miniature" bottles, 20 or 70 cl and economical format bag-in-box;

Toasted and caramelized almonds, one by one and with a less sweet and less caloric sugar than the traditional one. They can be consumed by people with restrictions on sugar consumption or who are looking for a healthier lifestyle, such as a snack, with tea or coffee. They are sold by weight;

Salty appetizers: cashews, almonds, peanuts and raisins in generous proportions, with 3 seasoning alternatives: rosemary and garlic, ginger or chilli. They are sold by weight;

Gorreana and Herbal Tea from Herdade do Gamoal, certified in organic production mode, in bulk or in sachets, in professional format;

Fragulho, Table or Liqueur Wines (Port Wine and Moscatel), with great exclusivity and amazing price / quality ratio;

Herdade do Gamito Wines, a selection of great wines, in bottle and in bag-in-box;

Gift boxes, fully personalized and delivered on time ... among many other solutions.


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